Edison students make sweet music

Jan. 25—MILAN — Edison High School Band and Choir members traveled to Genoa High School Saturday to perform in the Ohio Music Educators Association Solo and Ensemble Competition. The students were coached and assisted by directors Denise Reilly and Pamela Notley. In all, Edison entered 8 events. More than 350 events were entered in this contest by some 25 different schools.

The students were judged by the following criteria.

Rating I, Superior — An outstanding performance, with very few technical errors and exemplifying a truly musical expression. This rating should be reserved for the truly outstanding performance.

Rating II, Excelent — An unusual performance in many respects, but not worthy of the highest rating due to minor defects in performance, ineffective interpretation or improper instrumentation.

Rating III, Good — An acceptable performance but not outstanding showing accomplishment and marked promise, but lacking one or more essential qualities.

Rating IV, Fair — A poor performance showing many technical errors, poor musical conception, lack of interpretation, incomplete instrumentation, or lacking in any of the other essential qualities.

Rating V, Poor — A very poor performance indicating deficiencies in most of the essential factors and indicating that much careful attention should be given to the fundamentals of good performance. This rating should be used sparingly and only when it is possible to cite major faults.

It is also noteworthy that more than 50% of the events entered were in Class A and B — the two most difficult and challenging of music selection that can be performed.

The music students have spent a month preparing for this contest with countless hours spent with directors during study halls, after school and even holidays. The directors are all very proud of the composure and professionalism displayed by our students at Saturday's competition.

Here are the results from a very successful day from the Edison Band and Choir members.

Edison High School Band & Choir

OMEA Solo & Ensemble Contest

January 21, 2023

Directors: Denise Reilly and Pamela Notley

Soloists — Superior 1 Rating

Soprano Solo — Emma Hall

Trombone Solo — Addison Chambers

Xylophone/Marimba Solo — Blayke McKillips

Ensembles — Superior I Rating

Womens Ensemble — Kelly Wilson, Dana Gore, Breanna Leimbach and Claire Daniel

Clarinet Trio — Dana Gore, Elise Payne, Destiny Gulett

Soloists — Excellent II Rating

Soprano Solo — Breanna Leimbach

Ensembles — Excellent II Rating

Saxophone Trio — Raylan Bolt, Lily Fisher, Kaylianna Cochran

Brass Quartet — Andrew Gray, Noah Proctor, Lilly Kreglow and Jeffrey Esser