From the editor: A full house is a loud house — and I love it

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My kids are fighting, and I love it.

I know it doesn't make sense on the surface, but let me explain.

They are arguing over who gets to park their car in the driveway. As the oldest, and the first driver, Kathryn sort of just always assumed the driveway spot. When Ian got his license this summer, he was so excited to be driving that he didn't mind parking on the street.

But once Kathryn moved back to college in September, Ian happily took the driveway spot.

So ever since Kathryn returned home for Christmas break, it's like these two numbskulls have a race every day to see who "gets" the driveway. Then, they argue about it for the rest of the night.

Why do I love it? They're not really arguing — more like teasing each other, about who is a better driver, who needs the exercise of walking "all the way" from the street, who has the nicer car, who is our favorite child. You know, all the things brothers and sisters love to "fight" over.

And they may not realize that I know this, but I heard them a few nights, talking and laughing well after Greg and I had gone to bed. I know Ian is happy to have her home — there are some things you only share with a sibling. And I know Kathryn is happy to feel "needed" for her advice.

When Kathryn is away at school, the house is very quiet. I love my boys, but they keep to themselves quite a bit. When Kathryn comes home, the house is loud — but a good loud. A loud house means everyone is interacting.

And for me, it means my house is full. All of my babies are under one roof, just the way I like it. I realize I only have a few more years of this — before long, they will both have their own houses to go to and their own driveways to park in. So I'm going to enjoy this as long as it lasts.

Even when they're "fighting."

This article originally appeared on The Herald News: Sibling rivalry over Christmas break means quality family time

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