Editor James Bennett's column: Auburn signee Suni Lee wins all-around gold; suddenly, everything feels much better about these Olympics

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Jul. 29—Suni Lee turned every American's frown upside down Thursday when she won the women's gymnastics all-around gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

As the Summer Games reached the halfway point, golden moments were overshadowed by disappointments. Those included the U.S. gymnastics and softball teams falling short of expectations and settling for silver medals.

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kA 5:ClQ=ECQmp7E6C D=:AA:?8 FA :? E96 AC6=:>:?2CJ E62> 4@>A6E:E:@?[ q:=6D 9:?E65 E92E 96C >6?E2= 7@4FD H2D =24J D9@F=56CD 2E E:>6D[" D96 HC@E6 @? x?DE28C2>] "x 2 =:6 3FE 52>? D@>6E:>6D :E'D 92C5 929292P %96 ~=J>A:4D :D ?@ ;@@?6 q:=6D] $96 42CC:6D E96 E62> 32D:42==J] (96? H6 925 E@ DE6A FA E@ E96 A=2E6 2?5 5@ H92E H6 925 E@ 5@ :E H2D G6CJ DEC6DD7F=]"k^Am

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kA 5:ClQ=ECQm"x E9:?E9:D C62==J ;FDE D9@HD E96 =24@7 =6256CD9:A 2E &$p vJ>?2DE:4D 2?5 E96 &$ ~=J>A:4 r@>>:EE66[" #2:D>2? D2:5 @? r}}] "%96:C 36DE 2E9=6E6 :D DECF88=:?8 2?5 :D D@>6@?6 E96C6 E@ 96=A 96Cn x E9:?:EVD 2? :>A@CE2?E BF6DE:@? E92E H6 D9@F=5 36 2D@?6 92G6 E96 DFAA@CE E92E D96 ?665Dn" k^Am

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kA 5:ClQ=ECQmx?DE625[ bbd #FDD:2? 2E9=6E6D H6C6 2==@H65 E@ 4@>A6E6 2D "?6FEC2=D" F?56C E96 >@?:A:4 r@>>:EE66] #FDD:2 42? ?@E @77:4:2==J D6?5 2?J 2E9=6E6 E@ 2? :?E6C?2E:@?2= DA@CED 4@>A6E:E:@? F?E:= s646>36C a_aa]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQm%96 D=2A 92D ?@E DE@AA65 E96> 7C@> H9:?:?8 2?5 4@>A=2:?:?8 23@FE 6G6CJE9:?8 7C@> 9@E6= 244@>>@52E:@?D E@ E96 23:=:EJ E@ 962C E96:C ?2E:@?2= 2?E96> H96? E96J DEC::C !FE:? 92D H6:8965 :? C68F=2C=J] "wF>:=:2E:@?[" 96 42==65 E96 D2?4E:@?D]k^Am

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kA 5:ClQ=ECQmp7E6C %@6 7@C y6CCJ r@=2?86=@ E@ A24:E :? 2D 5:C64E@C @7 &$p q2D6C !9@6?:I $F?D @H?6C 56D6CG6D E92? :?E@ 8@=5 >652=:DED 2E E9C66 AC6G:@FD ~=J>A:4D[ 3FE :E'D E:>6 7@C ?6H E9:? 46=63C2E:?8]k^DEC@?8mk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmx7 E96 2E9=6E6D 92G6 >256 :E E@ 4@>A6E:E:@?[ E96J 92G6 E6DE65 ?682E:G6 7@C E96 4@C@?2G:CFD] {6E E96> C@2> 7C66=J H:E9@FE >2D2D652=D A@5:F>[ 2==@H:?8 8@=5[ D:=G6C 2?5 3C@?K6 >652=D E@ 6IA@D6 E96:C 7246D 7@C A:4EFC6D 2?5 %' 42>6C2D]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8md] q2D632== @F89E E@ 36 2 7F==\7=65865 ~=J>A:4 DA@CEk^DEC@?8m[ ?@E 2 56>@?DEC2E:@? DA@CE[ 6DA64:2==J :? y2A2?]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQm%96 x?E6C?2E:@?2= ~=J>A:4 r@>>:EE66 5C@AA65 32D632== 2?5 D@7E32== :? a_'a 2?5 a_'e] %96 x~r 7:8FC6D ?@E 6?@F89 4@F?EC:6D A=2J E96 EH@ DA@CED]k^Am

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kA 5:ClQ=ECQm|2;@C {628F6 q2D632== :D ?@E 23@FE E@ :?E6CCFAE :ED D62D@? E@ D6?5 :ED 36DE A=2J6CD E@ E96 ~=J>A:4D] qFE :E'D DE:== 7F? E@ H2E49 E@A >:?@C\=628F6CD 32EE=6 :E @FE H:E9 E96 36DE 7C@> $@FE9 z@C62[ y2A2?[ |6I:4@[ xDC26= 2?5 s@>:?:42? #6AF3=:4]k^Am

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