EDITORIAL: Commit to equity, diversity, inclusion efforts

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Jul. 9—The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce is continuing its promotion of equity, diversity and inclusion ideals and actions to improve this city, and businesses, organizations and individuals should consider supporting this initiative.

First of all, what is EDI? According to the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion of the National Institutes of Health:

—Equity reflects the vision of a fair and impartial environment for employees, customers and stakeholders.

—Diversity encompasses acceptance and respect, recognizes that each individual is unique, and further affirms individual differences.

—Inclusion cultivates a culture that connects each employee to the organization and encourages collaboration, flexibility and fairness while leveraging diversity so that all individuals are empowered to participate and contribute to their full potential.

So let's put that into practice here in Joplin. It's easy: Head to the chamber's website, choosejoplin.com/pledge, and sign your name, committing you or your agency to actionable steps for the betterment of the community.

The actions you're committing to aren't as easy as signing your name, but they're no less important.

For example, can you provide proper resources and ongoing training to help educate your employees on the best workplace practices to promote EDI?

Can your form a committee in your workplace or appoint someone to a specific position to oversee EDI initiatives?

Can you challenge others to share their experiences in a safe environment and participate in difficult conversations?

Can you help ensure diverse representation on your board of directors?

Those ideas are just a start.

The Joplin Globe is among the local businesses that have signed the pledge, committing to improving equity, diversity and inclusion in our workplace and our community.

Will you sign?

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