EDITORIAL: Gridiron victories, more worth celebrating

Nov. 13—It is that time of year again.

Yes, the fast-approaching holiday season is coming. Yes, it is our first lasting cold spell, making it feel like the crisp days of fall (with a hint of winter) have found us. But, no, not those.

It is time for the impending finale of post-season prep football. Three of our area teams locked up district titles Friday night.

Lamar, Carthage and Seneca won their games and secured tickets to their respective state quarterfinal matches. Lamar earned its 15th straight district championship. Carthage added a ninth district title to its storied record.

All the teams — coaches, players and dedicated fans — deserve applause and our encouragement as they make their respective runs for the state title.

Congratulations, and good luck!

Voter turnout

We have mentioned it before, but it really can't be said enough. Voter turnout last week was impressive, especially for a midterm election. Those who exercised their democratic franchise by going to the polls deserve our thanks.

The success and proper functioning of our city, counties, states and nation depend on the participation of the electorate. Still, most eligible voters didn't show up. To those of you who honored the privilege and fulfilled the civic responsibility of voting, well done.

For those who didn't, do better.

Veterans honored

Finally, communities across the area on Friday lifted up those who served in our nation's armed forces on Veterans Day. Two events of particular note were the righting of a decadeslong oversight in Joplin and the dedication of a memorial at Sarcoxie High School.

The name of Pfc. Lawrence McCrea had been accidentally left off Joplin's Korea-Vietnam Veterans Memorial. His name now has been added. About 50 classmates, family members and well-wishers gathered Friday at Joplin's Memorial Hall to remember the Joplin High School class of 1965 graduate who died for his country 56 years ago.

The Sarcoxie memorial consists of four granite benches, each dedicated to one of the four branches of the armed forces, and three flagpoles, set in concrete near the entrance to the AL Gurley Gymnasium.

Residents of our area have always been respectful of those who serve and this year proved no exception. That tradition should continue, and these events serve to assure us that it will.