EDITORIAL: Saw this one coming

Stillwater NewsPress, Okla.
·1 min read

May 4—It's almost amazing that a little over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, our society has the means and the knowhow to eradicate the disease.

Vaccines mean fewer hosts for the virus to latch onto, lessening the chance of spread, and even reducing the severity of infection. The more vaccination coverage, the less chance it has to find its way to people physically unable to take it.

The means and the knowhow.

But, collectively, not the desire.

In America, we have officially reached the point where vaccines are going to waste because of lack of interest.

It's called vaccine hesitancy.

We've all pretty much seen it coming. We knew we would get to this point.

We're going to see a lot of scary kinds of headlines in the coming weeks, about how we probably don't have much of chance at herd immunity, maybe how COVID-19 just becomes something we live with from now on like the common cold.

And, people will ask why.

Why the hesitancy? Like we don't already know.

Like we didn't watch people we should have been looking to for leadership undermine the legitimacy of the effort to fight the disease. Like we didn't see people sliding further and further into conspiracy theories. Like we didn't see people who somehow saw refusal to be vaccinated as patriotism, or a specific brand of freedom. Like we didn't see people who put more trust in YouTube videos and Facebook posts than their own physicians.

The inability to come to an agreement on common truths has brought us here.