EDITORIAL: Trump won't be coming back to power in August

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Jun. 4—Let's get this straight, right off the bat.

Delusional former President Donald Trump is not coming back to power in August.

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kAm%9:D A2CE @7 p=232>2 5@6D ?@E ?665 E@ 36 2DD@4:2E65 H:E9 K2?:?6DD 2?5 5:D:?7@C>2E:@?] p?J@?6 H9@ 36=:6G6D %CF>A H:== C6EFC? 3J pF8FDE 92C>D 56>@4C24J 2?5 @?=J 7F6=D E96 6?6>J H:E9:?]k^Am

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kAm{6E'D 36 9@?6DE] xE'D E96 E:4:=:2E:@?] }@E9:?8 >@C6] }@E9:?8 =6DD]k^Am

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