Oilers' new alternate uniforms reportedly leaked

The Edmonton Oilers are reportedly adding a new jersey to their repertoire for the 2019-20 NHL season. (Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports)

The Edmonton Oilers have not delivered the best results as of late, failing to make the playoffs 12 times in the last 13 seasons.

So for a while there, the Oilers hung their hat exclusively on the quality of their threads. Bringing back the classic orange and blue sweaters from the glory years ranks as one of the better decisions the organization has made in the last decade or so.

But then, when Adidas took over, the organization went too far orange, ditching the blue sweaters entirely.

Allowed to have a third for the upcoming season, it appears the Oilers will re-introduce a blue jersey to the rotation, but it is far from a homage to the dynasty seasons.

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While certainly different, the sweater comes across as quite dull.

Not having the colour white anywhere on the sweater is a little surprising, but another thing of note is the collar. Instead of having the sharp ‘V’ look like the others do, this one looks to be a little more rounded, like a ‘U,’ and also comes out a bit on the top of the shoulders.

Maybe when I see Connor McDavid skating circles around his opponents in this uniform, I’ll change my mind. But for now, it’s a no.

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