Educator of the Week: Mrs. Domenici of Riverview Elementary School

CLOVIS, Calif. (KSEE) – Second graders at Riverview Elementary School are having all the fun learning. When it’s not adding or subtracting, it’s bettering their social and emotional skills.

That’s where Mrs. Domenici comes in to make the process easier.

“She’s really nice and I wish I could never leave second grade because she’s very very nice,” said second-grader Rori Eedmonds.

Having first started a career in business and finance, this teacher decided to pivot and give back to the school she once attended.

Now after years of teaching, she knows the classroom is her home.

“I fell in love with it, especially second grade is my absolute favorite grade of all the ones I’ve done I can’t imagine doing anything else,” said Second-Grade Teacher at Riverview Elementary, Tiffany Domenici.

Students are seen in her class playing math games and interactive activities to help them with what they may encounter next year.

“Second grade is such a pivotal grade in elementary school they have to be able to apply their reading by the time they get to third grade and really put it to use for higher level thinking,” says Domenici.

And while this class always keeps this teacher on her toes, it’s the relationship she created with each one of them that brings her joy.

“Being able to get to know them interact with them talk to them and just the relationships with the students and their families has been the best part of the job,” said Domenici.

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