Egg Shortage: Where To Shop for the Best Deals at Aldi, Lidl and More

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As the egg shortage worsens due to Avian flu and supply chain issues, there are still a few stores selling eggs at prices that work within a tight budget. Discount grocer Aldi has consistently had eggs priced at under $2 per dozen in certain locations.

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Lidl also has cheap eggs, often with prices as low as $3 per dozen. Walmart is even advertising Great Value large white eggs for $10.97 for 3 dozen, which is around the same as Aldi’s prices as long as you are willing to buy in bulk.

But where else can you currently find eggs at prices far lower than the national average of around $4.25 (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)?

Warehouse Club Discounts

Costco members have reported paying $15 for 60 eggs, and other warehouse clubs have similar pricing. While the idea of paying $15 for eggs might leave you shell-shocked, once you realize that’s just $3 per dozen, you’ll want to clear room in your refrigerator to stock up. If you don’t have space for five dozen eggs, consider shopping with a friend and splitting the case (and cost) into two.

Keep in mind, store bought eggs will typically last three to five weeks from the date you buy them. Even if the sell by date has passed during that time, if you’ve kept them cold, according to the USDA, the eggs will be “perfectly safe to use.”

Dollar Store Eggs (in Select Locations)

Dollar stores may also carry eggs you can save money purchasing. Dollar General, which is a discount store that has items over $1, sells fresh produce — including eggs — in more than 19,000 stores chain-wide.

Dollar Tree does not carry eggs, but you may be able to reduce your grocery bill by shopping there for many shelf-stable food items.

Online and Cash Back Apps

You may also save money by shopping online for eggs. Food services like Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods may include eggs as part of your weekly order, or you can customize your shopping list to include them when they are available.

When you shop online through these services, you can earn cash back from Rakuten or Capital One Shopping and SB through Swagbucks.

Local Farms and Farmer’s Markets

Finally, some shoppers reported finding lower prices for eggs through local farms or a farmer’s market.

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Farm fresh eggs also tend to last longer, need no refrigeration and — some people say — taste better than store-bought eggs. You can store unwashed, farm fresh eggs up to a month at room temperature and up to three months in the refrigerator, which means, within the next few weeks, you can start stocking up for Easter on April 9, 2023.

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