Egypt discovers ancient factories

Egypt says its found ancient factories from its 18th Dynasty.

It's an industrial park more than 3,500 years old.

The workshops were found in Luxor's 'Valley of the Monkeys'

The antiquities ministry says a dig team found everything from silver rings and clay pots to furniture for royal tombs.

Hundreds of small artifacts found there were used to decorate the coffins of royalty.

Archaeologist Zahi Hawass led the team that's been excavating the site since 2017.


"This is the first time that you see an industrial area to serve the workmen who worked on decorating the coffins, to a workshop for making all the furniture and the artefacts. It is the first time to reveal many secrets for the first time about eh West Valley."

It's all the latest in a series of big finds Egypt hopes can ramp up tourism and rake in foreign currency after years of political turmoil.

In April, archaeologists revealed a large nobleman's tomb in Luxor's East bank, the Valley of Kings.

Inside were colorful paintings of Egyptian life- from boat-making to hunting.