Egyptian man collects vintage cinematic gems

This man collects Egyptian vintage cinematic gems

to help preserve the country's rich cultural heritage

LOCATION: Alexandria, Egypt

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) EGYPTIAN CINEMA ARCHIVIST, MAKRAM SALAMA, SAYING:"The place here is a museum for cinema, I have been collecting this for 50 years and I put everything I got here. I have movies, documentaries, movie posters, photographs and everything that belongs to Egyptian cinema."

72 year-old Makram Salama has turned his small apartment into a museum

His collection includes 50 vintage cinema projectors

and a rare poster from the 1932 film 'The Egyptian Author'

which Salama says is thought to be one of the country's oldest

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) EGYPTIAN CINEMA ARCHIVIST, MAKRAM SALAMA, SAYING:"There are things that I will not be able to sell, the things that belong to Egypt, I cannot sell at all. I can't sell anything that is important to the state or rare movie posters. I will sell the normal items. I'm keeping aside a box or two for the documents that belong to the country. For example, I have negatives for (late president Gamal) Abdel Nasser, would I sell Abdel Nasser's negatives? His photographs? This is just one of the names."

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