The Ekster Parliament Wallet Is the Most Stylish Way To Keep Your Cards Safe

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Scouted/The Daily Beast/Ekster
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Ekster

This may be slightly embarrassing to admit, but over the course of the month of March, I lost my keys twice. That very same month, I also left my wallet in a jacket that was accidentally left at the gym overnight. While you may question how I’ve even survived as a functional adult thus far, you should also consider just how easy it is to lose an important item like a wallet, phone, credit card, or keys. Even more so, with the number of scammers walking around today, you might not even have to lose it in order for someone to get your credit card information and begin making fraudulent purchases.

One of the best ways to combat these risks is by investing in a smart wallet. While there are plenty of solid smart wallets on the market, my personal favorite is the Ekster Parliament Wallet. The Ekster Parliament Wallet is designed to not only protect your cards from getting scanned through RFID, but also keep track of the wallet’s location. Through a solar-powered tracker, I am able to keep tabs on where my wallet is at all times, even when I’m not carrying it with me at the time. The built-in tracker connects to an app on my phone that allows me to know exactly where my wallet is within a few feet. In addition to this, once I’m close, I can have the tracking device play a ringing chime to help me find it. This works in the opposite direction as well if I have lost my phone but have my wallet on me.

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While the tracker is certainly the largest draw, the RFID protection also serves as a major advantage with all my card being completely safe from anyone trying to scan them to steal my information.

From a purely wallet-focused standpoint, the Ekster Parliament also stands out. Coming in 9 different colors, you can choose the look that best suits your taste, though I personally stuck with the Classic Brown. Additionally, the main cardholder is probably the most interesting part of the entire wallet. Comfortably fitting 5 cards, what makes the main cardholder so unique is the quick access mechanism. I can press a button at the bottom of the wallet and the cards will be splayed out so I can pick out each one individually. If you are a constant fidgeter like myself, you can also do this literally all day without getting even remotely tired of it.

Outside of this, the Ekster Parliament has three more traditional pockets and an elastic strap on the inside for any additional items you might want to store. The wallet is also relatively thin in comparison to more traditional wallets both in width and thickness. As a result, it is significantly easier to fit in your pocket (even if you are wearing skinny jeans). Despite this, the wallet still has solid capacity. I have a comfortable fit of 12 cards and the tracking card in the wallet without it looking bloated or overflowing.

I could give you a million different reasons why to buy this wallet, but at a base level, the only things that matter to me are that my cards are safe and that my wallet is somewhat stylish. The Ekster Parliament is a good-looking wallet that isn’t waiting for me to lose it the very next time I have a brain fart.

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