El Campo, Wharton students receive books in Magic of Storytelling celebration

Nearly 3,000 elementary students are getting free Disney books this weekend!

Video Transcript

- Elementary school students in Wharton County got a surprise Friday, as two Disney Channel stars helped "ABC 13" Houston announced a big gift coming this weekend. Disney channel's Scarlet Estevez from "Bunked," and Jackson Dollinger from "Sydney to the Max" took part in a virtual kick off of "ABC 13's" Magic of Storytelling Celebration, giving shout-outs to students.

Estevez and Dollinger hoped their passion for reading rubs off on the next generation of storytellers. Nearly 3,000 students will receive Disney books at to drive-through distributions in El Campo and Wharton today.

Well, we'll be live in El Campo later this morning in celebration of the very thing we just told you about, Disney's Magic a Storytelling Campaign. We're there, thanks to the action of a Texas A&M student.

Not every child has access to a public library, and that's why Ryan Williamson wanted to build a mobile library in his hometown of El Campo. Williamson was El Campo's High School valedictorian last year. He's working with FFA students at his old high school to convert a trailer into a book mobile. A mobile-- hmm, a bookmobile filled with books donated by the community.

RYAN WILLIAMSON: Everyone has contributed in our community in some way, whether that was our El Campo Rotary Club, or if that's members in my own FFA chapter. Many members have donated some part of the trailer. But specifically, the books have been donated by community members who have heard about the project.

- Jeez, I guess my brain doesn't work. Our studio [INAUDIBLE] just told me, book mobile.

- Mobile.

- Now, the mobile. I totally get it now. All right, well today, 10,000 books will be donated to students in those districts, as well as to several elementary school libraries and the book mobile. You can learn all about today's event on abc13.com. We'll join reporter Pooja Lodhia, live in El Campo, coming up at 9:00.