El Nino winter is coming; The impact it could have on our chances for snow

Snow, freezing rain, dangerous wind chills, the Miami Valley gets it all every winter, but this year, the forces driving winter are changing, according to the Storm Center 7 team.

Storm Center 7 Chief Meteorologist Austin Chaney dug through the weather records and found that the last three winters have all been affected by La Nina. This year, the big thing that is different is El Nino is in the driver’s seat, and it could be strong, Chaney said.

According to Chaney, there is a strong correlation between strong El Ninos and below-normal snowfall in the Miami Valley.

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Regardless of that below-average snowfall forecast, the fact of the matter is there has never been a snowless winter on record in Dayton and when those flakes fall, ODOT will throw everything they’ve got at the snow and ice, Chaney said.

Charles Ashmore with ODOT said, “We’re trying to show we’re throwing the salt and everything the right way. Then, we have our calibrations to make sure we have the salt and the liquids. Some of us have to raise the bed, and some of us don’t. Then, we’re looking at the mirrors.”

All to make sure you can get where you’re going safely.

Storm Center 7 Meteorologist Britley Ritz said landscapers like Aaron LeCount, “We work hard in the summer so we can play in the winter.”

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According to Ritz, LeCount said snow brings the opportunity to have some fun while paying the bills.

“With snow removal, it just kind of depends on how much snow we get. Every year, I like to get a couple more contracts to help. If we get more snow, the revenue is good, if we get less snow, the revenue isn’t quite as good,” LeCount said.

The average snowfall each winter in Dayton is 25 inches. This year, we expect to see less than that, along with above-normal temperatures.

“Winter impacts us all, and whatever old man Winter has up his sleeve, the team at Storm Center 7 has you covered,” Chaney said.