Elderly Asian woman attacked in San Francisco fights back

An elderly woman who was attacked on Market Street in San Francisco, the latest victim in a wave of attacks on Asians in the Bay Area, turned the tables on her assailant, leaving him with injuries that required a trip to the hospital. CBS San Francisco's Andrea Nakano has the exclusive interview with the woman.

Video Transcript

MICHELLE GRIEGO: We spoke exclusively with the Asian woman who fought back after being attacked in San Francisco Wednesday. This comes after several violent encounters in San Francisco and Oakland targeting Asians. KPIX 5'S Andre Nakano with the exclusive interview.

- Very scared and traumatized and very hurt and-- and this eye still bleeding.

ANDREA NAKANO: From her senior retirement home in San Francisco, Xiao Zhen Xie candidly talked about the attack and her injuries with her daughter helping to translate.

- The right eye still cannot see anything, still bleeding. So use a lot of something to absorb the bleeding.

ANDREA NAKANO: The attack happened just around 10 this morning on Market and 7th Streets. Xiao Zhen Xie says she was just waiting at the traffic light, and then the suspect punched her in her left eye.


- She's talking about I don't know why he attacked me.

ANDREA NAKANO: Immediately, her instincts kicked in to defend herself. While she suffered injuries and required medical attention, it was her attacker that ended up on the stretcher.

- By the [INAUDIBLE] or around around the area and-- and fight back.

ANDREA NAKANO: Xiao Zhen Xie's daughter says her mother cannot see at all out of her left eye and hasn't been able to eat. The hope is time will heal the physical and emotional wounds. But this incident is one that has scarred her for life.

- As you can see, she is extremely terrified. She's terrified to even step out.