Elderly California Couple Reunited After Being Separated by Coronavirus Restrictions

An elderly couple in Loyalton, California, were reunited after being kept apart due to COVID-19 restrictions. The April 17 video shows the couple seeing each other through a window after 44 days of separation.

Amber Mahood captured the video of her grandparents Frances and David reuniting after being kept apart for over a month. She told Storyful this was the first time her grandparents have been apart for this length of time in their nearly 65 years of marriage.

“A couple of months ago my papa was put in a nursing home,” said Mahood. “My Nonie came to visit every day for hours at a time until the COVID-19 quarantine happened and the hospital no longer allowed visitors. My grandparents had never been apart their whole marriage. This is true love!” Credit: Amber Mahood via Storyful

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