Elderly man rescued after 48 hours in freezing temperatures

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BOWIE COUNTY, Texas (WJW) – A man who spent 48 hours in freezing temperatures is on the mend.

Texas Game Wardens were notified by the man’s family last month that he didn’t return from a doctor’s appointment.

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At the time of the report, he had been missing for about 24 hours.

Due to the freezing temperatures, officials say they expected the worst.

A ranch hand found a vehicle that was stuck in the mud about 16 miles from the missing man’s route.

Texas Game Wardens determined it was the missing man’s vehicle. They started a new search on the ground and with K-9s and drones.

They spotted an individual lying on a trail. At first, they thought they were too late.

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“As they bent down to take a pulse the individual moved. Immediately, they delivered first aid and covered him in their jackets. With warmth from the farm hands, the individual gained his senses. He began talking and drinking water,” Texas Game Wardens said in a Facebook post.

The man is expected to make a full recovery. The family asked that the man not be identified.

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