Election Day in Virginia could indicate what’s ahead for the presidential election

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FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. - It’s Election Day in Virginia and abortion rights is at the top of the list of what voters in the commonwealth are concerned about now, and moving forward.

How Virginians vote Tuesday could indicate what’s ahead for the presidential election.

Abortion rights are the big issue being talked about in battleground states nationwide including in Virginia. In fact, Governor Glenn Youngkin is quoted as saying these issues that are so important to Virginians are also the ones that are going to be important to Americans next year.

Republicans currently have a slim 52-48 majority in the House of Delegates with the goal of gaining complete control in the state legislature and ultimately paving the way for Youngkin’s policies including his proposals on abortion.

As voters continue to head to the polls, Democrats in the commonwealth warn voters Republicans will ban abortion. Republicans say that message is not true.

Virginia now allows elective abortions in the first and second trimesters, unlike other southern states. Many placed in new restrictions on abortions after Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Youngkin calls stance is ultimately a restriction on the procedure after 15 weeks with exceptions including rape, incest or saving the mother’s life.