Election Guide: Republican ballots in S.C. to include three advisory questions

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Jun. 4—The South Carolina Republican Party will be asking voters in its June 14 primary how they feel about registration by political party, partisan school board elections, and comparative fault legislation.

The first of three advisory questions on the ballot asks whether people should have the right to register with a political party when they register to vote.

Currently, a person registering to vote in South Carolina does not register by party.

The second question asks whether school board elections should be partisan.

Currently, school boards in South Carolina are mostly non-partisan. There are a couple of districts that have their board members appointed by members of the county's legislative delegation.

The last advisory question on Republican ballots asks voters if they support switching to a pure comparative fault type of damages in negligence lawsuits.

Currently, South Carolina law allows for recovery only if the person is determined to be less than 50% at fault in the matter that led to a lawsuit.

The questions are advisory and will not result in a change to state law. They could, however, influence the party's position on issues in the future.