Elections 2022: Candidates for Michigan Representative District 76

On this year's ballot are members from both branches of the Michigan Legislature (the state House of Representatives and Senate). If you are unsure which legislative district you vote in, visit the Michigan Voter Information Center to find more information — including your sample ballot customized to your home address.

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Whether you choose to vote absentee or in person, get to know the candidates before you vote by reading their responses to key issues facing Michiganders.

Here (below) are candidates in their own words. To return to the main election package, click here.

Meet the candidates

Angela Witwer (Democrat): I was born in a small village outside of Traverse City on our family farm. I have lived in Delta Township with my husband and enjoy spending time with my two children, their spouses and four granddaughters. I’m fortunate to have a large, loving family with my mom as the matriarch. I’ve been a member of St. Gerard Church most of my life. I have volunteered for many organizations around the area. After 22 years working in health care, I left to co-found Edge Partnerships, an award-winning public relations, marketing and advocacy group. I have been appointed, elected and reelected to the Waverly Community Schools Board of Education serving six years as the vice president. I have been elected and re-elected to the State of Michigan House of Representatives as the 71st district representative.

State Rep. Angela Witwer
State Rep. Angela Witwer

Jeremy Whittum (Republican): Eaton Rapids.  Life member American Legion.  Life Member VFW, 2nd  Trustee Springport Adams-Rocky Post # 6056.  Eaton County Palliative/Hospice Care Board Member, 12 years. Iraq War Veteran, economics professor, Hamlin Township Supervisor, Planning Commissioner City of Eaton Rapids.  Congressional staffer, legislative staffer. County Commissioner. Barry/Eaton Board of Heath Commissioner.  Chairman of the Board Eaton County Board of Commission.

On systemic racism

Angela Witwer(Democrat): While in the state House, I have participated in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee and helped to coordinate training to educate and provide conversations with representatives to address inequalities. One of the outcomes of this education and training was the suggestion to form a committee to review proposed and old laws for equity prior to moving through the legislature.

Jeremy Whittum (Republican): Treat everyone equally.

On the COVID-19 response

Angela Witwe​​​​​​​r (Democrat): Our generations have never experienced a pandemic of this magnitude. With that said, there were economic injustices during the early Covid-19 months. I am the first Democrat endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses in 30 years, endorsed by Michigan Chamber and Small Business Association for the efforts I took between votes to protect our businesses and jobs to the efforts to get assistance to businesses and to the unemployed. A virus should never become political. Children should be left in school and support funding for distressed small businesses.

Jeremy Whittum (Republican): Abysmal. Michigan’s health code must be amended to limit unchecked executive authority. Gubernatorial and Heath Director Emergency Orders need to be limited to 30 days. After 30 days the orders may only be extended with legislative consent

On economic stability and inflation

Angela Witwe​​​​​​​r (Democrat): We need to reduce the financial burden on working families and senior citizens. I sponsored the repeal of the retirement tax and continue to fight to have the legislature move this bill to get signed into law. Ensuring the economic stability of our senior population is an important step. Secondly, we need to create an environment to attract workers and affordable housing for the thousands of jobs secured in the last few years and upcoming years and third, continue our work to provide affordable daycare for Michigan families. Finally, I have been endorsed by Michigan Farm Bureau because we need to make sure our farmers have the support they need to provide food for our families.

Jeremy Whittum (Republican): Get out of the way of private sector.

On election security

Angela Witwe​​​​​​​r (Democrat): The 2020 election was safe and secure. My county and seat’s voter counts were perfectly balanced by our qualified clerks. My election was challenged by my opponent and I – along with many others from our district – watched as more than 55,000 votes were verified. Our elections are safe and secure and audited. The state of Michigan has one of the highest voter turnouts and we are fortunate to have clerks throughout our state who carry out our elections with integrity.

Jeremy Whittum (Republican): Eaton County elections in 2022 went well. Eaton County had two recounts, both recounts confirmed the election results.

On reproductive rights

Angela Witwe​​​​​​​r (Democrat): As a survivor of sexual assault, I feel for other victims who would not have the right to choose. The move to criminalize women and doctors without exception for rape, incest and death of a mother is unacceptable.

Jeremy Whittum (Republican): Abortion should be safe and very, very rare in the event of rape, incest the health of the mother.

On LGBTQ rights

Angela Witwe​​​​​​​r (Democrat): On July 28 of this year, in a 5-2 decision, the Supreme Court of Michigan held that discrimination based on sexual orientation was prohibited. I support the judicial decision. Inclusivity is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart decision. We need to do all we can to retain and attract global talent and continue to make Michigan a more attractive place to live and work and that includes amending the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act. Chambers around Michigan support this decision.

Jeremy Whittum (Republican): Everyone has equal Constitutional protection under the law.

Other issues of import

Angela Witwe​​​​​​​r (Democrat): As the technology world changes, we must be aware that our schools need to have the funding and resources to adjust to the information technology and electronic vehicle changes. Additionally, we must take steps to increase cyber security to protect individuals and our state.

Jeremy Whittum (Republican): Boron in the Saginaw aquifer. Testing of water in the aquifer is currently being conducted by EGLE. After obtaining enough quantitative date trough water testing, we will know if the Boron level is naturally occurring or caused by environmental contamination. When the answer is known listen to subject matter experts to address and remedy the problem.

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