Elegant flashlights contain everything you need to survive

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VSSL flashlights contain everything you could think to pack

Imagine holding all your supplies in the palm of your hand while lighting a dark trail on your way to base-camp after sunset: It's looking possible now that a sleek flashlight from VSSL Outdoor Utility tools has reached its crowd-funding goal.


The innovative flashlight comes in several utility-containing formats: Supplies, Shelter, First-Aid and Zombie. Each one contains three LED bulbs that can be used for emergency signaling and an oil-filled compass.

The Supplies-themed flashlight also contains a wire saw, fire starters, water purifying tablets, a beeswax candle, 20 feet of Kevlar rope, fishing gear, a can opener, trail-markers, an emergency whistle and a signaling mirror.

As for Shelter, it contains 20 feet of rope and a tent made of polyethylene, the material used for first aid blankets, known for its ability to reflect radiated heat.   

The First-Aid flashlight contains tweezers, a razor blade, nitrile gloves, aspirin, ibuprofen, safety pins, cotton swabs, antiseptic wipes, assorted bandages and antibiotic ointment.

The Zombie kit contains a mask and a self-defense tool and can still be pre-ordered for 50 CAD ($45).

The First-Aid and Shelter VSSLs can be pre-ordered for 55 CAD ($49.50) and the Supplies VSSL is pre-orderable at a price of 80 CAD ($72).

Shipping is expected in February and orders outside the US and Canada cost an additional 25 CAD ($22.50).