Elementary school students recreate famed wave to cancer patients at Iowa hospital

University of Iowa football fans wave to child patients from their seats at Kinnick Stadium. A group of second graders is doing something similar in their town across the state.

Video Transcript

- You've all heard of the wave at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital, but in Carroll, the kids are waving at adult patients. Over the lunch hour, the second graders at Carroll Kuemper Elementary came by to wave at the cancer patients in the St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center. Patients are there to take their chemo treatments while looking out the window. The kids even did their own version of the wave. The nurses and patients get to wave back.

- Because we wave to the Cancer Center, and it makes everyone have a good feeling.

- I really care for the Cancer Center. It's fun to wave.

- The new St. Anthony Care Center opened up for the first time last December.