‘Elementary’: Will Sherlock Seek Revenge On Shinwell?

It looks like Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) won’t seek revenge on Shinwell (Nelsan Ellis) for viciously beating him up in Season 5, episode 18 of “Elementary.”

The synopsis for Season 5, episode 19 of the CBS series reveals that Sherlock still finds himself upset after Shinwell assaulted him at the very end of last week’s installment. But instead of seeking retribution on Shinwell, Sherlock opts to take out his anger by dismantling a local organization of private investigators.

Sherlock’s motive in taking down the said organization is unclear, but it may have something to do with the murder of a man Sherlock considered to be one of New York’s worst private investigators.

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Last episode, Sherlock was convinced that Shinwell killed his friend and fellow SBK member, Jameel Clark. But before Sherlock could turn Shinwell in to the authorities, Shinwell made a confession to the British sleuth in a rather violent way.

“You want to know who killed Jameel? SBK killed Jameel,” Shinwell said after assaulting Sherlock in the street. “Leadership cut a deal with a rival gang, and in an exchange for a ceasefire, the gangs agreed to work together to raise the price of the drugs they were pushing. Jameel’s death was a condition. He had taken up with the ex-girlfriend of one of the other gang’s lieutenants. So he had to go.”

Shinwell said that SBK asked one of Jameel’s friends to do it, and apparently, that friend was him. “But SBK lied,” Shinwell revealed. “They told his friend that he was a traitor. They tricked him. … SBK kills dozens of people a year. Their drugs ruin thousands of lives but don’t know body care. They don’t get press. They’re not clever. They’re not fun. They’re just evil.”

Before Shinwell left Sherlock, he let him know that he won’t hesitate to beat him up again if he continues to mess with his mission in dismantling SBK. “There’s something you need to know before I go. I’m-a take SBK down. And anybody who get in my way gonna get hurt,” Shinwell said before walking away.

Will Sherlock turn Shinwell in for the murder of Jameel? Or will he just let him on the loose to seek revenge on SBK who framed him up?

“Elementary” Season 5, episode 19, titled “High Heat,” airs on Sunday, April 9 at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.

Nelsan Ellis as Shinwell, Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock
Nelsan Ellis as Shinwell, Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock

The synopsis for Season 5, episode 19 of “Elementary” reveals what Sherlock’s (Jonny Lee Miller) next step is after Shinwell (Nelsan Ellis) beat him up at the end of last episode. Photo: CBS

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