Elevator Outage Leaves Denver Apartment Building Residents 'Stuck'

Residents of a North Capitol Hill apartment building say with their single elevator out of service for nearly six weeks, they feel as if they are "stuck" in their Denver apartments with few options to leave the building.

Video Transcript

- We continue Covering Colorado First at 5:00. Some residents of a Denver apartment building say they have essentially been trapped in their apartments for weeks because their building's single elevator has been out of service since April.

- CBS4 Investigator Brian Moss looked into this and says the Draymore Apartment Building houses seniors and low income residents, and he found some are in wheelchairs and say for all practical purposes, they're stuck.

DEB POWERS KNESS: I walk very slow.

BRIAN MOSS: With multiple medical issues, Deb Powers Kness cannot climb stairs and relies on her wheelchair to get around.

DEB POWERS KNESS: And my power chair has to go up the elevator. It weighs 225 pounds.

BRIAN MOSS: But the single elevator in this three story building has been down since April, according to a notice we found. The elevator apparently being upgraded, but after six weeks it's still not working.

DEB POWERS KNESS: No lights, nothing. This is our only elevator. I've been stuck in this apartment for 50 days.

BRIAN MOSS: She's not alone. Residents say there are a number of elderly residents on upper floors who use wheelchairs and have essentially been stranded in their apartments.

JOE BURDEN: Because I've got a replacement hip, so it's kind of hard going up and down. Going down is all right, but coming back up, that's the hard part.

ARLESTER HENRY: I just told you I got bad knee's and I can't move no furniture, and I'm waiting on it to get fixed.

BRIAN MOSS: While we saw some parts of the building being upgraded, the building manager would not talk about the elevator situation.

- I can't tell you anything about this because you're with the news.

BRIAN MOSS: Kness says disabled residents have limited options.

DEB POWERS KNESS: They said if I need help upstairs, that I should call the fire department to get me up and down the stairs.

BRIAN MOSS: I'm Brian Moss, Covering Colorado First.

- After we visited, the building manager said the delay in getting that elevator working was due to incorrect parts be delivered, but it should be up and running soon. She also said the management is helping residents with food deliveries, laundry, and other services while that elevator is offline.