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Eli Manning, Giants help posthumously grant NJ girl's Make-A-Wish

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Eli Manning and the New York Giants teamed with Make-A-Wish New Jersey to posthumously honor the wish of a 2-year-old girl who recently died of brain cancer.

Video Transcript

- A special surprise, today, for the family of a little girl who recently passed away. The two and 1/2 year old died from cancer, but she has not been forgotten. Today, the Make-A-Wish Foundation helped honor her and her parents. And a special guest from a Super Bowl winner was there. Eyewitness News reporter Michelle Charlesworth with more on the touching tribute.

- The captain of Tackle Kids Cancer to receive this--

- Huge magical surprises at the Make-A-Wish castle, Eli Manning surprised a young couple who also learned double the amount they thought was being donated in their daughter's name was going to fight childhood cancers. The money is going to tackle kids cancer in the name of their precious two-year-old daughter, Penny, who passed just weeks ago.

CASSANDRA IZQUIERDO: She was amazing. She was so strong. If she wasn't bald, you wouldn't have known she had cancer.

JACK LINDSAY: She's such a Jersey girl. And yeah, she's amazing.

- Penny was diagnosed with cancer after her second birthday. She had a bruise by her eye.

CASSANDRA IZQUIERDO: A tumor behind her eye in her sinus and her lower jaw, the other side. It was everywhere. And we would have never noticed.

- And just a week after she turned two?

CASSANDRA IZQUIERDO: Yep, a week after she turned two. We want to just give back so Penny can just help the future of pediatric cancer.

- Eli Manning says kids like Penny and fighting to cure kids' cancers make days like this so important.

ELI MANNING: You reflect back on your childhood and just how easy it was. It was being outside and running around and smiling and laughing and going to school and friends and family. It was carefree and so easy. And you see a child is going through chemotherapy, and they don't feel well. And they're in and out of a hospital for months or years. And you want to help them in any way possible.

- The beautiful weather made Penny's parents smile today. Are there certain things that tell you that she's around today?

CASSANDRA IZQUIERDO: The sunlight, because it was definitely rainy these last couple of days.

JACK LINDSAY: Yeah, every time we see the sun, it's just like this warm feeling. It's different than before her passing.