Elizabeth Hurley’s Abs Look More Toned Than Ever in Her Latest Bikini Instagram

Korin Miller
Photo credit: Instagram / Elizabeth Hurley

From Prevention

There are plenty of people who post photos of themselves in bikinis on Instagram, but nobody does it quite like Elizabeth Hurley.

The 54-year-old model and actress has her own bathing suit line (Elizabeth Hurley Beach, JIC you were wondering) and shares pics of herself looking straight-up amazing in her gear on the reg. The latest IG post features Elizabeth in a white striped string bikini with chain link accents and yeah, she looks absolutely stunning.

“Bliss,” she simply captioned the social media post, as she can be seen floating on a raft in a pool.

People just about lost their d*mn minds in the comments section. “Holy Sh*t, you look awesome,” one wrote, while another dubbed her “body goals.”

“Ageless beauty,” said another. And yeah, there were a ton more comments along those lines. (You get the point.)

Even though Elizabeth is 54, she looks years younger. But that doesn’t just happen, the celeb’s been pretty open about the fact that she works hard for her body.

She previously told Women’s Health that her beauty secret is “making more time for exercise, eating nutritious foods, and taking the time to do relaxing activities.”

She’s also really good about maintaining a healthy diet. Elizabeth said she drinks two mugs of warm water first thing in the morning. For breakfast, she has Greek yogurt with a banana and honey, for lunch, she opts for a bowl of vegetable soup, and for dinner, she eats grilled chicken with “lots and lots and lots” of vegetables.

And while Liz isn’t huge on your standard workouts, she still finds time to get her heart rate up. Elizabeth said she likes to do squats while she brushes her teeth and regularly goes for fast, 30-minute walks with her dogs. She also does yoga and Pilates every once in a while.

And, of course, she’s got some amazing genes.

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