Elizabeth Warren Met Her Lookalike At A Rally And People Are Doing Double Takes

The actual Elizabeth Warren. (Photo: Sean Rayford via Getty Images)

Well, someone may have a career as a celebrity impersonator ahead.

Stephanie Oyen of Edina, Minnesota, thought it might be fun to show up to Elizabeth Warren’s presidential rally at Macalester College in St. Paul on Monday dressed as the Massachusetts senator. Oyen wore her Halloween costume of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, which consisted of a blue blazer and clear glasses, the Star Tribune reported .

Yet because Oyen looks so much like Warren — and sports a very similar hairdo — the joke she thought would just get some “giggles” ended up being pretty overwhelming.

“People started yelling, ‘Senator Warren!’” Oyen told the newspaper. “People were clapping and running up to me to take photos. I kept saying ‘I’m not her!’ but I looked up and hundreds of people were staring at me.”

She added:

“It got weird very fast.”

It also didn’t help that Oyen shares some very distinctive mannerisms with the presidential hopeful.

“I talk with my hands and shake my head, which only made me look more like Elizabeth Warren,” Oyen said. “I was saying ‘I’m not her!’ but I could have been saying ‘Medicare for all!’”

Due to all the attention, Oyen said, she eventually ditched her costume. But she decided to put it back on right before she got in line to snap a selfie with the senator after the rally.

Oyen said that when Warren realized she was dressed like her, the candidate pointed to her outfit and said, “We need to talk!”

They snapped a photo together and Oyen was eventually called back to take another photo with Warren.

When a photo of the pair hit Twitter, people also had a hard time distinguishing between the two women.

It’s probably just a matter of time before Oyen gets a call from “Saturday Night Live.”

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