Elizabeth Warren Tells Culinary Workers Union You 'Call a Woman' When You Need a Mess Cleaned Up

When addressing the Culinary Workers Union in Las Vegas on February 18, Elizabeth Warren said that the White House is a mess and “when you’ve got a mess and you really need it cleaned up, you call a woman and get the job done.”

Her remarks were greeted with applause by those who came to see both Warren and Minnesota Sen Amy Klobuchar discuss working women’s rights.

The Culinary Workers Union Local 226 represents 60,000 workers in Las Vegas and Reno. It describes itself as “Nevada’s largest immigrant organization” with Latino workers making up 54 percent of its members.

The union announced on February 13 that it would not endorse a candidate ahead of the February 22 Democratic caucus.

Warren, the senior Massachusetts senator, is currently at 6 percent among Latino voters in Nevada, according to a poll conducted by Mason-Dixon polling and Telemundo on February 18. Credit: Culinary Workers Union via Storyful