Elleda Wilson: Local brevities

Nov. 24—A few timely Thanksgiving Day notes from The Daily Morning Astorian:

—Nov. 29, 1888: The (lighthouse tender) Manzanita visited Tillamook Rock yesterday morning, taking down the material for the shield or fender to protect the lantern from damage by those high seas that lash the rock with such destructive fury.

Captain Richardson also took down generous supplies for the lonely residents on that barren spot, including several turkeys and "fixins" for their Thanksgiving dinner today. Captain Richardson successfully landed everything in spite of a heavy sea, which was rapidly rising. All hands were in good health.

—Nov. 27, 1889: To make your Thanksgiving dinner taste better tomorrow, look around for someone who would enjoy one as much as you, yourself, and see that he or she is not denied the opportunity. Your own will be all the sweeter.

—Nov. 28, 1895: "Apropos of the day," said a well-known merchant yesterday, "one little boy will always have reason to give thanks, and as he grows older will more fully realize the import of the word. I speak of the little nephew of Tom Trullinger, who, on the 18th, while playing about the mill and getting tired, started off home by himself.

"A few minutes later his uncle followed and was shocked to see the body of his nephew floating on the water, face up, as if lifeless. Losing no time, the big-hearted man jumped into the water to the rescue of the boy, and almost lost his own life in the effort to save that of the little fellow. These are things people remember with thanks."