Elleda Wilson: In One Ear: Island surprise

·1 min read

Oct. 14—The University of Copenhagen has made an unusual announcement: A tiny island, recently discovered by an arctic expedition, expands the Kingdom of Denmark and its territory, Greenland.

The unnamed island, which researchers have declared is the most northerly on the earth, "consists primarily of small mounds of silt and gravel," the announcement says. "It may be the result of a major storm that, with the help of the sea, gradually pushed material from the seabed together."

Approximately 100 by 200 feet in size, it reaches about 13 feet above sea level. The "short-lived islet" is pictured in a photo by expedition leader Morten Rasch.

"No one knows how long it will remain," Rasch noted. "In principle, it could vanish as soon as a powerful new storm hits."

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