Elleda Wilson: Saved at last

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Jun. 23—Rescue rerun: The maritime world was agog over a film clip of Harrison Okene's rescue that made the local and national news. Harrison, pictured in a still shot from the video, was the cook aboard the Jascon 4, who survived by finding an air bubble when the vessel capsized and sank off the coast of Nigeria. He was stuck in the upside-down tug, which lay under 100 feet of water, for three days.

All of the crew were presumed dead, and Harrison was found purely by accident when a team from DCN Diving, who were filming their operation underwater, arrived on the scene searching for bodies. The video can be seen here: bit.ly/HarOkene. (Spoiler alert: There's a genuine goose-bump moment when the cook's hand reaches out of the darkness toward the diver.) After making it to the surface and decompressing for two days, amazingly, he was fine. (In One Ear, 12/13/2013)