Elleda Wilson: Stay tuned

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Sep. 22—Did you see 2000 Astoria High School graduate April Marquet on the TV show "Jeopardy" on Sept. 13? If you didn't, you missed a real nail-biter at the end, and she posted her experience on Facebook soon after the show aired.

"During the break between Double and Final Jeopardy," she explained, "I worked on a wager on scratch paper. I felt great about the final category, "The British Royal Family" ... The target wager would have been $14,801. But somewhere in the middle of my scribbles, I lost track of my objective ... I was calm as I wrote my wager in the box, totally oblivious that I was way off ...

"Soon after I submitted my wager, I realized I'd screwed up. Filming hadn't resumed yet, but I was stuck: on the contestant screen, there's a confirmation button by the box for the final wager, and once you tap that button, the wager is locked in, with few exceptions. We were sufficiently warned, and no one rushed me. It was an unforced error, and I was heartbroken. "... I had the right Final Jeopardy response, but when I saw that (another contestant) also had it right, and he bid all but a dollar, I knew I'd lost. I felt horrible."

"I saw a stranger comment that I'd done the math backwards," she recalled, "and I burst out laughing at the accuracy."

"... Before I left the studio, a crew member came up to remove my mic pack as I stood in front of the audience. A man in the crowd shouted out, 'You played great,' and the audience applauded. It was incredibly sweet. My final favorite moment."

There's still hope — she may be eligible for a 2023 Second Chance Tournament. "I'll be studying trivia (and wager strategy), just in case ..." she added, "Stay tuned, folks!" (Photos: April Marquet)