Ellicott City Planning Group To Shape Town's Future

Ellicott City Planning Group To Shape Town's Future

Video Transcript

SEAN STREICHER: After recent years, this advisory committee isn't just trying to save Ellicott City, it is trying to help it thrive.

After nearly 250 years, Ellicott City has developed quite the reputation.

CALVIN BALL: But it's known throughout the world as a place for people to come and not just enjoy food and company, but go back in history, enjoy the present, and think about the future.

SEAN STREICHER: And now, a new community-based committee will help shape what the future will look like with Howard County Executive Calvin Ball announcing the formation of the Ellicott City project advisory group.

CALVIN BALL: They are a diverse group of people who care about Ellicott City, who are is it stakeholders. And they're going to be working on advising us on the next generation of what we're going to be doing down here.

SEAN STREICHER: This group will primarily focus on what to do with the old courthouse, six city-owned properties on the lower main and tyber par. 3 major projects that have those who live and work in Ellicott City feeling optimistic.

ANGELA KOEREN: I think it's great. You know, bringing life back to the businesses as well.

SEAN STREICHER: And after two major floods and now the pandemic, it's work that could help Ellicott City thrive in the future.

CALVIN BALL: We're going to actually see some amazing transformations here, right here in Ellicott City.

SEAN STREICHER: Now a lot of these projects are in the planning and permitting stage. They say over the next 1 and 1/2 to two years, you will be able to see them physically come to life. In Ellicott City, Sean Streicher for WBZ.