Elmo doll defiled by home inspector, filmed by nursery camera: cops

Elmo traumatized.

A Michigan home inspector was filmed molesting a stuffed version of Sesame Street character Elmo while on the job, says the crime site Smoking Gun. The incident was reportedly caught on film when the suspect, Kevin Wayne VanLuven, tripped a nursery camera alert synced to the phone of a 22-year-old woman trying to sell the house the 59-year-old man was surveying.

The owners of the suburban Detroit home reportedly let VanLuven into the house along with a realtor, then left them to their business. VanLuven was allegedly surveilled going into the home’s nursery, where he started touching himself. As the situation progresses, police say VanLuven picked up the stuffed Elmo doll and “appeared to be pleasuring himself with the doll.”

Cops were called to the scene where they claim VanLuven admitted to handling the doll, but only because it was blocking an electric socket he needed to inspect. After being told his perverted puppet show had been recorded, he allegedly confessed to tickling himself with Elmo.

VanLuven was arraigned Wednesday on charges of aggravated indecent exposure and malicious destruction of property under $200, the Smoking Gun reports. The former charge carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison. The latter could lead to a three-month sentence.

A court order reportedly prohibits VanLuven from being alone in a residential property other than his own. He has also been ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation, the report says.