Elmwood Park gas station canopy collapses under snow

Several people narrowly escaped injury when a gas station canopy collapsed under the weight of snow Friday afternoon in west suburban Elmwood Park.

Video Transcript

LIZ NAGY: Judy, the visuals are incredible, and that really kind of tells you everything you need to know about what happened out here. These were two separate canopies, the kind that overhang gas pumps, here on Harlem Avenue in Elmwood Park. And several hours ago, under the weight of all of that snow-- and you can see all of that snow stacked up right there-- those canopies just came crashing down.

This is a different vantage point from Chopper 7 HD that just shows you how incredible this really is. The snow that you can see stacked up right here is incredibly thick. It has been piling up for several days now. Fortunately, the very good news in all of this-- while there are three different cars that are trapped and probably pretty severely damaged under all of that heavy metal, there was nobody that was injured in all of this.

Now this gas station has been closed for several hours. They were able to bring in some heavy crane-type machinery to hold up what's left of these two canopies, or at least the remaining sort of dangling parts here. But it just gives you an idea of how dangerous this weather can be now that this snow has been piling up for several days, going on weeks now.

There is more snow coming this weekend. That snow we're predicting this weekend is expected to be that heavy, wet kind of snow, so city officials are asking people to do things very carefully as this snow starts to melt. There was certainly no way to know that this was coming, but to be careful of your surroundings. And they're asking business owners, if you can do so safely, to very safely clear all of that packed snow off of overhanging surfaces to avoid situations like this.