Elon Musk: you can now buy a Tesla with bitcoin

Elon Musk promised you would soon be able to buy Tesla cars with bitcoin.

And now you can.

On Wednesday (March 24) the company founder tweeted that Tesla has started taking the cryptocurrency as payment.

For now that's just in the U.S., but the option will be available elsewhere later this year.

Musk says any bitcoin received will be held as it is, not converted into regular currencies.

Tesla last month revealed it had bought 1.5 billion dollars of the electronic money.

The news sent bitcoin prices soaring.

Musk has been a critic of conventional cash.

He says it offers negative real interest rates, and 'only a fool' wouldn't look for alternatives.

Other firms have been prompted to share their thinking.

Uber says it won't invest in cryptocurrencies, but might start taking it as payment for rides.

General Motors says it's evaluating whether to take bitcoin as payment for its cars.