Elon Musk urges Twitter employees to submit new ideas for the platform, saying some have already been implemented in 'less than 5 minutes'

Illustration of Elon Musk and the Twitter logo
Elon Musk took over Twitter on October 27Jonathan Raa/Getty Images
  • Twitter employees are being urged by Elon Musk to submit ideas for changes to the company.

  • It's taken "less than 5 minutes" to implement some new ideas already put forward.

  • In addition to ideas on product, employees are being asked for ideas on revenue and cutting costs.

Elon Musk told Twitter employees that in the weeks since he took over the platform, "hundreds" of ideas from employees have been suggested with some being implemented almost immediately.

Musk solicited even more ideas from Twitter employees in a Friday afternoon email seen by Insider. The email, from an address used by Musk and his small leadership team, asked that employees submit any new ideas they may have to an internal Google form, saying: "No bad ideas, please feel super empowered to submit anything on your mind that could be great."

He asked for ideas on how to improve Twitter as a product, and also for ideas on how to "increase revenue, and decrease costs."

Musk has previously mentioned in emails to staff that Twitter's financial position is precarious and "challenging." Last month he ended many Twitter benefits and perks and altered expense limits in an effort to reign in costs. Workers are also now being required to send weekly emails to Musk and his leadership team on everything they accomplished and continue to work on. They were told the email is to get Twitter to "innovate rapidly."

Since taking over Twitter at the end of October, Friday's email said many such ideas from employees have already been implemented, without specifying what exactly had changed. Nonetheless, some of the ideas had taken just "5 minutes" to implement, according to the note.

Any ideas submitted will be reviewed weekly by Musk and other company leaders, the email said.

See below for a full copy of the email sent to staff:

Twitter Team,

Over the past few weeks, we have heard hundreds of great ideas. In many cases, the delta between "time an idea was suggested" to "time idea was implemented" has been less than 5 minutes; in more complex cases, teams have immediately been formed to execute.

We want to make it as easy as possible to submit an idea to improve the product, increase revenue, and decrease costs.

At anytime, please submit an idea at: [link to Google form]

No Bad ideas, so please be super-empowered to submit anything on your mind which could be great.

This list will be actively reviewed by company leaders (likely on a weekly basis), and will execute as many as possible based on impact/resources.

Looking forward to rapid and amazing progress!


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