What else happened in 2000, the year the Tacoma I-5 HOV project began

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It’s been over two decades since the road construction on Interstate 5 in Tacoma began, and it’s finally wrapping up.

The completion of the HOV lanes this weekend will mark the end of the 22-year project, which started all the way back in 2000.

Memes throughout the years have remarked on the construction, including this post from 2017.

And another from 2019, showing the “progress” in Tacoma over 10 years.

Back when this project started, the year 2000 had its highlights:

  • AOL announced they were purchasing Time Warner for $162 billion.

  • Federal agents seized 6-year-old Elián González from a closet in Miami.

  • Steve Jobs introduced Mac OS X.

  • The first crew of the International Space Station was launched into space.

  • Supreme Court ruled on Bush v. Gore, making George W. Bush president.

The year 2000 was when we lost rapper Big Pun, actor Jim Varney, Peanuts’ creator Charles M. Schulz, actor Walter Matthau, actor Sir Alec Guinness, comedian Steve Allen and actress Loretta Young.