Elton John is collaborating with Walmart and Sam's Club on a new eyewear brand

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  • Walmart and Elton John are partnering for a new eyewear brand.

  • Elton John Eyewear is available at Sam's Club locations starting today.

  • Walmart has pledged to donate at least $1 million annually to John's AIDS foundation.

Walmart is collaborating Elton John with for a new eyewear line available starting today.

The Arkansas-based retailer and the English singer-songwriter have created Elton John Eyewear, which launches in stores and online at Sam's Club today. The line will also appear at Walmart stores throughout the US later this week. In 2022, fans of the "Tiny Dancer" singer can find these eyewear offerings at Walmart's international locations.

In an exclusive statement provided to Insider, John said that he has "had a dream for quite some time to create my own eyewear collection." The musical artist named each frame in the collection himself, including "Rocketman," "Prodigy," and "A-List."

"I love expressing my creativity through my music and through my fashion," John said in the statement.

The line features several different collections. John's "Foundations Collection" sports a total of 60 frames, each with "a signature temple tip silhouette with 'E' Star mark and Elton John iconic star brand detailing," according to a statement from Walmart. With options like prescription, non-prescription, sun, and reader, 36 of these frames will be exclusive to Sam's Club, while 24 will be exclusive to Walmart. These eyeglasses range in price from $95 to $100.

Sam's Clubs members also will have access to John's "Capsule Collection," a collectable series of offerings. These glasses symbolize John's musical trajectory from the "The Formative Years" to "The Working Musician." According to a statement from Walmart, three future Capsule Collections are in the works.

The members-only warehouse will also feature the "Master Collection," which feature "iconic looks" from the singer-songwriter's career. John has become known for sporting extravagant eyewear in his stage performances.

This new partnership also includes a philanthropic angle. Walmart has pledged to donate an annual minimum of $1 million in revenue from the collection to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. John started the foundation, centered around seeking to spread awareness and combatting HIV and AIDS, in 1992.

"My eyewear collection at Sam's Club and Walmart is giving me a new creative outlet and also is in support of another great passion of helping others, through the Elton John AIDS Foundation," John said in a statement.

In a statement, John said that "despite the hardships we have all endured over the last 18 months" he has found 2021 to be "an exciting year," thanks in part to his work with Walmart. The musical artist said that, "Walmart and Sam's Club share our passion for this important work."

"Our unexpected relationship began with a partnership to use Walmart's Health Clinics to tackle the rise of AIDS, particularly in the Southeast US," he said in the statement. "The most beautiful thing about our work is the potential impact on AIDS education and eradication. The launch of Elton John Eyewear sets us up to do even more good together, reaching more people in local communities by increasing access, education, and awareness for safe and convenient HIV testing. That's really the beauty of all of this."

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