Elvis film has doubled the amount of people learning the King’s songs on guitar

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Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Presley biopic caused a huge spike in people learning to play the musician’s songs on guitar.

Since the release of Elvis, Fender has reported double the number of its users playing Presley songs, which include “All Right”, “Jailhouse Rock”, “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Burning Love”.

Fender Play is an online learning platform for guitar, bass and ukulele with step-by-step tutorials, personalised learning journeys, and hundreds of songs to choose from.

Speaking about the rising popularity of Presley songs across the Fender Play platform, SVP of Marketing Matt Watts said: “The lasting impact of an artist like Elvis is undeniable.

“His music is still inspiring people across the globe, young and old, to begin their own musical journeys and this is evident via this spike in activity we have seen.”

The movie was directed by Luhrmann, who revealed that the original runtime for the film was four hours.

InThe Independent’s four star review of Elvis, Clarisse Loughrey wrote: “Luhrmann’s sweaty, seductive biopic makes the King cool again.”

Presley was played by Austin Butler, who Loughrey said nailed “the indescribable, undistillable essence of Elvis-ness – magnetic and gentle and fierce, all at the same time”.

The new film, which has been showing in cinemas throughout July, became available on Amazon Prime Video on 8 August.