Elvis Presley's address book hits the auction block

STORY: Would you pay $10,000 for Elvis Presley’s address book?

That’s how much it’s expected to fetch when it auctions alongside 40 other items

[Brigitte Kruse, Lead Auctioneer and Founder / Kruse GWS Auctions]

“This is really special, right? Because this is his handwriting. These are the people that he really was closest with and connected the most with. And really a lot of personal notes are in here as well. It's not just address information and telephone numbers. We actually have some of his personal notes, which we're going to leave that as a surprise for the winning bidder.”

Krause said that items from the family have increased in value

with the recent passing of Elvis’s daughter, Lisa Marie

Also for sale: jewelry, sheets used in his private plane and a jacket

which was made by his jumpsuit and cape designer, Bill Belew

A well-used briefcase used by Presley is also up for grabs

“And I think one of my favorite lots is probably the briefcase, because we never see these types of items hit the market. We've never seen something so personal. And Priscilla told me the cutest story about this. She said he wanted to carry a briefcase so he could look as important as the people that represent him. It's really cute.”