Embattled Gov. Cuomo faces questions over scandals

New York’s attorney general has promised a thorough investigation of allegations that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed at least two women. (March 5)

Video Transcript

MARIA VILLENUEVE: At this point, we're waiting for the attorney general to announce which law firm she is gonna be choosing to lead the investigation. And at this point, a lot of the leading lawmakers say that they want to wait for the results of that investigation before taking, you know, any steps.

The attorney general's office has said that a report is going to be released publicly with the investigation's findings. What those findings are going to ultimately say is unknown. It could look at the two former aides who have accused the governor of sexual harassment. The governor is also facing a lot of scrutiny as well as federal investigation over how his administration has handled data about outbreaks at nursing homes.

He hasn't signaled any willingness to step down at this point, and he has apologized for his behavior. He is still receiving a lot of pushback from people who don't think that the apologies were enough.