Emergency Meeting Held After Two Hate Crimes Against Jewish Men In LA

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles hosted an emergency briefing over Zoom Thursday after two recent attacks on Jewish men in LA.

Video Transcript

- --out for unity. Jasmine?

JASMINE VIEL: Yeah, so Susan and Juan, you have the LAPD, the FBI, and faith leaders from rabbis to pastors and those with the Islamic Center of Southern California all coming together-- actually still gathered a block up on the steps of City Hall coming together in unity, calling for tolerance as well, and condemning those two recent attacks, which now the LAPD just announced they believe are related.

Let's get to the first one I want to take you to Beverly Grove, as this one happened on Tuesday night. The LAPD telling me they are investigating this as a hate crime now. Diners saying they were verbally and violently attacked by a group of men who broke off from a pro-Palestinian protest. They say the men first threw glass bottles at them, then got out of their cars yelling, which of you are Jewish? Then a fight broke out. Punches were thrown until the group of men ran away.

We also have video of the other incident a day earlier on Monday. Take a look. So this was on security cam. It occurred in the Fairfax District. And that video shows an orthodox Jewish man who says that he was running from two vehicles from a pro-Palestinian caravan that chased him as he was walking from home to a synagogue. Now, he got away safely. City and faith leaders are saying it seems the world is boiling over with hate, erupting in the Asian and Muslim and LGBTQ communities, and of course, now these two incidents.

DOMINIC CHOI: We deem these to be criminal nature and to be motivated by hatred, and we are treating them as hate crimes. I want to be clear that the LAPD and the city of Los Angeles has a zero tolerance policy for hate incidents and hate crimes.

ADIR POSY: Here we are in Los Angeles, where on Monday night during our [INAUDIBLE] festival, a Hasidic Jew, a father of six, who had to literally run for his life from an organized mob. This cannot stand. We cannot allow the importing of the Hamas war to our beloved city. LA is the second city of every national and ethnic group in the world.

JASMINE VIEL: Council member Paul Koretz also spoke just minutes ago, and he said that he is vowing to bring in more resources to these communities. He's talking about police resources and also justice for the victims. I want to stress, Suzy and Juan, as I send it back to you that the Anti-Defamation League wants to get out there again today. They are offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who comes forward with information leading to an arrest and conviction of those suspects. Live here in downtown LA, Jasmine Viel, Cal 9 News.

- Jasmine, thank you. Well, as we mentioned off the top of the newscast--