Emergency power outages continue in half of the residents of Kyiv


As of Friday morning, 50% of the Kyiv’s  housing receives electricity  in emergency power outage mode. When the electric grid is sufficiently restored, communication will also return to all districts.

This is according to the Kyiv city military administration

At this  time, the water supply in the capital has been fully restored. Some consumers may still experience low water pressure, especially on the upper floors of high-rise buildings that are de-energized. The KCMA expects the situation to stabilize rapidly.

Heat supply in the city is also being restored, and emergency crews are working in enhanced mode.

As for mobile communications, the operation of the networks of all mobile providers is  dependant  on the status of the power grid. Therefore, as soon as the power system stabilizes, communication will return to all districts of Kyiv.

Updated: Vitalii Klychko, Mayor of Kyiv, reported that a third of Kyiv's houses already have heating, and specialists continue to restore heating in the capital. During the day, power engineers plan to connect electricity to all consumers in turn for three hours.

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