Emergency roof repairs approved for 1st Summit Arena

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Sep. 14—1st Summit Arena @ Cambria County War Memorial Authority members unanimously approved making emergency repairs to the facility's roof during a special meeting on Monday.

The work is expected to cost about $56,000.

"This is the perimeter of the big main roof, which is actually right around the concourse and the rink area," said Chris Glessner, the authority's chairman. "That's the area that the public walks and sees. Every rain storm, we have to put buckets. We get water in the light fixtures, things like that. It's not good. They feel that doing this restoration and repair work around that area will alleviate the immediate needs that cause us the 'OK, you can't walk in this part of the building' (issues)."

Problems with the roof were once again apparent during the recent Showcase for Commerce that coincided with a storm that dumped several inches of rain on Johnstown.

"There was physical water coming through light fixtures that were on," said Michael Parrish, the authority's solicitor.

Repairs need to be completed within the next few weeks because the work cannot be done during the colder winter months.

"I'm going to call the contracting base that's qualified," roofing consultant Bruce Mancini, a field representative from Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance, said. "I'm going to single out the guys that have time on their schedule to do this before the end of the year. We'll bring them out as needed. If I can get them all here at once, I'll do that. If I have to come out a couple times with various contractors, we'll do that. We will walk it. We'll go over everything. and we will have them submit the quotes."

Authority members also approved putting larger-scale, long-term roof repair projects out for bid. That construction could cost approximately $1.1 million combined.

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