Emerging French Brand MaisonCléo Crafts Clothing From Deadstock Couture Fabrics

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MaisonCléo is an up-and-coming French label that focuses on the principles of sustainability and affordability.

Four years ago, its founder, Marie Dewet, switched from buying new clothes to second-hand items or shop from local designers. This stems from her past internships in the fashion industry, which allowed her to really open her eyes, Dewet tells us. "At the time, the fact is that I didn’t find any affordable french designers. Or if it was affordable, the quality of the fabrics was not what I expected," she shares. As a result, the French designer bought deadstock couture fabrics that she gave to her mother, who in turn helped her make her clothes. "I then created an Instagram account to post what we were making together, and people liked this and began to want to buy from us."

When asked who her MaisonCléo girl is, Dewet says: "I think there is not 'one' MaisonCléo girl. I don't want to speak to only one kind of customer. What I know is that the MaisonCléo girl is someone who takes notice about how she consumes and wants to change her way of consumption, not only in fashion but in general."

Take a closer look at some of Dewet's offerings above. Head over to the brand's official website to shop for the latest styles.

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