Emilio and Gloria Estefan: ‘Mind-blowing’ to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Katie Couric
Global Anchor

On Nov. 24, President Obama granted 17 recipients the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is considered to be the highest civilian honor in the nation. Those receiving the honor included Barbra Streisand, Willie Mays, Itzhak Perlman, Steven Spielberg, and Emilio and Gloria Estefan for their work bringing Latin music to a global audience.

Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric talked with the Estefans about what this honor means to them.

Gloria Estefan said, “We really do love this country and we respect it. To have been given the opportunity to live our lives the way we have and to be able to follow our dreams and work hard… it’s been phenomenal.”

Katie Couric’s full interview with Gloria and Emilio Estefan will be released in December.