Emily DiDonato fronts new Brandon Maxwell campaign

The American fashion designer Brandon Maxwell has signed up the model Emily DiDonato to front the standout designs from his fashion house's spring/summer 2019 collection. The shots, shared on social media, all share one major theme: Texas.

After calling on his own grandmother for his label's fall 2018 campaign, Brandon Maxwell returns with a more classic format for his spring/summer 2019 collection ads. American model Emily DiDonato has been chosen to front this latest collection, which celebrates the designer's home state of Texas.

Shot by Brandon Maxwell in person, in collaboration with Jessy Price, the campaign highlights a selection of colorful collection pieces, notably captured in a flower-filled truck. Emily DiDonato wears outfits including a red pleated dress, a yellow jumpsuit, and a jeans and blazer combo accessorized with a scarf.

Brandon Maxwell accompanies the shots with a campaign film narrated by the Texas-born socialite Lynn Wyatt, also a muse for this new collection.

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