Emily Ratajkowski Spends a Holiday in Mallorca with Baby Sly

Emily Ratajkowski is sharing part of her history with her baby son.

This week, the model is visiting Mallorca, Spain, with baby Sylvester Apollo. On Instagram she shared various photos of them together in the town of Sant Joan, where Ratajkowski said she spent a lot of time as a child, with her family.

"Today I brought my beautiful baby back to Sant Juan, the town where I spent every summer of my childhood. As I walked Sly around this lovely man (third slide!) pulled over in his car and came up to me holding Mi Cuerpo (my book in Spanish!) He told me that him and his daughter have read it. Talk about a full circle, universe coming together, magical moment. I am so grateful for this life! 💛," she wrote in her post caption.

In the first photo, Ratajkowski is seen carrying her son in an empty street, in front of a green door. In a sweet parallel, the second photo shows EmRata as a kid, sitting on her dad’s shoulders in the same street, in front of the same door.

"I learned to walk here and today my son got to be in the same place! ☺️🥹," she wrote.

Ratajkowski shared several photos of baby Sly in the town, as well as old photos of her there as a child.

For the little family trip, the My Body author stayed comfy in a pair of tan cargo pants, black cropped T-shirt, matching sneakers, and brown Louis Vuitton shoulder bag. Her son, meanwhile, looked adorable in a tiny brown-and-white striped shirt, green-and-white sweatpants, and hot pink Crocs.

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